The autologous immunotherapy for the causal treatment of atopic diseases such as neurodermatitis and allergic rhinitis in children and adolescents...



We are pleased to announce that we will be able to manufacture our proven individual immunotherapeutic urexent® for you again from 01.07.2020.


More and more children are suffering from an impaired immune defence - often from infancy.

Allergies, susceptibility to infections, but also so-called atopic diseases such as neurodermatitis and allergic rhinitis or allergic asthma are only some of the possible consequences. Allergies are now one of the most frequent chronic diseases in childhood. Today, every third child suffers from one of these diseases, and the trend is growing.

These diseases are usually caused by a malfunction of the immune system. Based on experience, it is often possible to re-regulate an unbalanced immune system with the help of the body's own substances.

The patient's urine, for example, contains important immunologically active ingredients such as protein fractions which strengthen the body's defences.

This is where the patient-specific immunotherapeutic urexent® comes into play. urexent® is a medical drop preparation prepared on the basis of the patient's own urine. For the manufacture of urexent®, the immunologically active ingredients are obtained from the urine of the respective patient. They are concentrated, activated and processed into a pharmaceutical product that is individually tailored to the needs of the individual patient. urexent® can have an immunomodulating effect and a regulating influence on the malfunction of the immune system.

urexent® targets the cause of the disease and does not solely treat the symptoms.

The manufacture of urexent® is subject to the high requirements of the drug law. Therefore, urexent® cannot be compared with a urine therapy. It is tasteless and easy to use. Since urexent® is made of the body's own material, it is well-tolerated, free of chemical additives and cortisone and virtually free of side effects. A therapy with urexent® is particularly suitable for children: for infants from todlers to teenagers. In addition, adults with a mild form of the autoimmune disease have also been successfully treated with urexent adult®.

Treatment results with urexent®

The age distribution of the patients treated shows the particular suitability for infants and toddlers. 94% of the patients were a few months to six years old at the beginning of the therapy. After the first six treatment months, 73% of the patients showed a significant improvement in their health. After completion of the 12-month therapy, 85% of the patients were able to achieve a sustained full remission (free of symptoms) or partial remission (significant improvement of the disease pattern). These treatment results can be demonstrated over a period of four years - observations of long-term success are currently being carried out.



Dosage form

The patient receives the personalised drug urexent® in the form of drops for ingestion. These drops are supplied in defined dilutions. A gradual increase in the dosage gradually adapts the body to the drug, allowing it to develop its immunomodulatory properties in a well-tolerated manner. The number and strength of the drops are increased according to a specific scheme, based on an individual dosing schedule.

The preparations are also offered as an inhalant or a nasal spray. Use in this form usually takes place in addition to the main therapy in the form of drops.